RW500 Rower- Review


Would you like to invest your money in a fitness machine that can target 85% of the muscles in your body within the comfort of your house? Presenting you with the RW500 Rower, that will take exercising to a whole new level. It is one of the top-selling rowers and for good reason.

Top 5 Specs:

  • This sleek machine has Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR), which means that magnetic resistance is created without any friction to the flywheel. This causes less wear on the system. This increases its durability.
  • The 26 preset Digital Resistance Levels gives you an option to choose according to your requirements. Also, 30 preset rowing programs are in-built and can be used without Wifi.

  • It comes with a 5-inch display which is bright and easy to use. You can sync with iFit and the metrics will show up on the tablet. The metrics include Current 500m Split/Average 500m split, calories burnt per hour, strokes per minute, time and distance covered.
  • Its Space saver design makes it compact to store after the workout session as it folds up. The front-mounted wheels underneath help in moving of the machine so that the living space is not crowded.
  • You can sync your phone via Bluetooth or through Aux cables to play music while you row away.

Other Specifications:

Seating, Pedals & Handle:

It has a steel track with soft moulded seat and ergonomic pedals with nylon straps. The track is long and the seat glides smoothly, without any friction.

The pedals have moulded plastic overlay that covers a solid surface underneath. This provides foot support while allowing for some flex side to side to reduce tension in the ankles and feet. The maximum seating capacity is 250lbs.

The handle is cushioned for a comfortable yet tight grip that allows for longer rowing sessions with cramps or fatigue.

The machine can be assembled by one person, the major attachments being the seat and the monitor.


The flywheel is inertia enhanced which provides for a smooth stroke. Every time you pull, the recovery is also gentle as the flywheel evenly pulls the handle back to the original position. The user experiences no jerks on the way.

A little bit of noise is created when air moves through the fan, but this is the case with all rowers in the market. To make less noise you can adjust the flow of air resistance.

Bonus Content:

The 10-inch Portal 10i Tablet that comes with 1-year iFit Membership, where the user can enjoy numerous videos of rowing classes and outdoor routes curated by world-class trainers. This membership is not only restricted to rowing but also provides other pieces of training like yoga and kick-boxing. It also provides tracking and sharing options, food and sleep recommendations as well.

The first year is free. This gives the user an edge to assess the content of the videos, before committing to a subscription.


It comes with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labour warranty, which proves its commitment to serve the customers better.


Rowing can be a fruitful all body workout if one knows the right product to purchase and if one is willing to pay a particular amount for getting all the benefits right at home. The RW500 comes as a great deal package if you go through its specifications. It’s you who has to decide whether you want more of a residential rowing machine with multiple features for losing weight, burning calories and curbing the extra flabs, or a serious rower for commercial use.


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